Monday, April 29, 2013

Five Diseases Are linked By One Genetic Issue

    In this study, scientists studied the genetics of five disorder: schizophrenia  severe depression, bipolar disorder, autism and ADHD.  They took 33,332 subjects with all five disorders and 27,888 controls and tested the illnesses in the exact same way.  They found that there were 2 suspect chromosomes that affected several genes, which all related to the diseases in the patients.  One of the disrupted genes blocked calcium regulation in neurons.  This led to a common symptom of all five illnesses.

     This discover will help open up different options to treating these diseases.  I wonder if people will try to look for this genetic flaw when they check the baby's chromosomes.  Can doctors prevent the corrupt genes from affecting a child before the disorder happens?  Can people delete major depression from the genetic code.  It becomes a question of Eugenics, but I think that people would want to treat the chromosomes as fast as possible.  A question I have is, if the 5 diseases all share a similar malfunction  what determines which disease will appear.  The non control subjects they used had all five diseases.

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