Tuesday, April 29, 2008

American history X

I was recently watching American history X and realized that the main person "Deryk" had a strong conviction about the white supremacy. which leads me into the gang mentality, where kids are usually recruited because a gang provides a sense of security that they usaully lack in there life and are exploited by sharing common beliefs creating a sense of family. this is typically how humans function with nationalism, in jail, and so forth....when a convict joins the likeness of his type because they can't afford to learn a person and have to join where the fit in. i think discrimenating is a part of our survival tools through the ages that we have developed.


JAKE said...

Discrimination is not a survival tool. Discrimination is a defense mechanism and/or product of fear. Many races/cultures are discriminated against and therefore can't find jobs or homes. People have a tendency to discriminate, especially in the workplace, because they fear for their own safety and security. But it is not necessary for survival by any means.

True, gangs provide some sort of family environment for kids who don't get that at home. But it has more to do with those kids not wanting to seek help or wait long enough to land on their own feet and being too young to make the right choices. In jail, you have no choice. You either side with people or you're screwed. You need protection from other gangs, otherwise depending on your race/religion/size, you will probably be taunted, harassed, abused, beaten, raped, or killed. It is the same for both men and women's facilities.

linnea said...

I'm pretty sure the movie pointed out the spark of discrimination in that character's family. It's not just fear, they were very angry kids, so mad to the point where they lashed anger out on others in a minority. Also when he ended up in jail he saw others like him and saw how wrong the situation is. "Lifes too short to be pist all the time."

certified"BITCHES"2008 (its our year) said...

discrimination is caused becuase of bad habits and vicious cycles. These things are pasted down on to person because they feel it is the right views.