Monday, April 28, 2008


Hey guys I just want to share what i found about forgetting.

Hermann Ebbinghaus is the first person to do scientific studies of forgetting, using himself as a subject. He spent a lot of time memorizing endless lists of nonsense syllables and then testing himself to see whether he remembered them. He found that he forgot most of what he learned during the first few hours after learning it.
Later researchers have found that forgetting doesn’t always occur that quickly. Meaningful information fades more slowly than nonsense syllables. The rate at which people forget or retain information also depends on what method is used to measure forgetting and retention. Retention is the proportion of learned information that is retained or remembered—the flip side of forgetting.
Please tell me what you think about it.


kj15 said...

Duh!! of course you remember things that are more important. but i think our mental behavior is developed from the need to thrive. thats why we making advancments is important to us and that we have to learn from mistakes, otherwise we're bound to repeat it. that is why we usually never forget traumatic events.

Amber said...

Things we actually care about are the things that we are goingto retain the longest. Irrelevant things are not going to remain because we do so many things on a daily basis we will forget it quickly.