Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Mnemonics are strategies and techniques for improving memory while you are studying for example. When I was in medical school I used to use a lot of this techniques in order to memorize all the books that was required.

Check out this site... it tells you techniques on how to improve your memory.



Cat said...

I always used those too! They really work! A lot of crazy, weird little things help me remember. When I am studying I music always enhances my memory. When I sit down at a test and see the information that I was studying, I immediately remember the artist I was listening to. Not only does it help me remember the information, but music in my head also helps me to focus. Which is proven, that music does help improve test taking! If I'm really lucky, I can remember specific things to specific songs, and most of the time I don't even try to do that, I just like to study to music, and I find that it just happens - subconsciously.

certified"BITCHES"2008 (its our year) said...

Haviing key items or seeing key things makes everyone remember a memory because the item is a way of storing the memory because it was part of the event.