Tuesday, April 29, 2008


this article discusses obesity and it's prevalence in America. Often obesity can be attributed to psychological disorders such as stress among others.



JAKE said...

Obesity can also be attributed to poor self-esteem and giving up smoking. To kick one habit, you sometimes pick up another. Either way, they're both dangerous to your health. When my dad quit smoking, he gained about another 100 pounds. All he does is eat all the time. I eat all the time, too. But I eat healthy. And I'm not kicking another habit. I just like food. Which is also another reason why people become obese. They just enjoy food so much. They enjoy it and they feel they can't eat healthy because they link "healthy" with "tastes like crap." They'd rather have a BLT than a rice cake for a snack.

certified"BITCHES"2008 (its our year) said...

Jake is right poor self esteem is a cause for eating so much. Ironically the person eats to feel better but by doing so is harming himself.