Monday, April 28, 2008

Suicide among youth- which mental disorder?

Since again we discussed about mental disorders in our class today, And talked about how we determine it's mental disorder or not. I just digged into the subject of mental disorder more and found article about mental disorder with different age group.

World Health Organization researchers examine which mental disorders or combinations of mental disorders may be responsible for youth suicide. In 894 cases of completed suicides among young people worldwide. The majority cases 89% had at least one diagnosis of a mental disorder. Mood disorders-42 %, substance related disorders- 40 %, disruptive disorders-20 %. Mood disorders include major and minor depressive disorder, dysthymia, mania, hypomania, bipolar disorder and non- specific mood disorders. Substance related disorder include drug abuse and alcohol abuse. disruptive disorders include conduct disorder.
And they suggest that comprehensive suicide prevention strategies for young people target mental disorders as a whole rather than just look for depression.

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kj15 said...

but don't you think targeting the youth for suicides is going to rake in more deaths? because usually around theses ages teens are always experincing rapid changes in everything from mood to styles and the fact that there experimenting with drugs will increase these numbers. i think its why are they experinceing theses disorders?