Saturday, April 26, 2008

What is psychology?

Psychology to me, was always a pseudoscience. I think that it was created by individuals who wanted to peoples minds and actions correlated. However noble this cause was in the beginning, ultimately, the practice has been perverted. People became morbidly obsessed with diagnosing behavior and established generalities as fact. The psychologists who were analyzing weren't actually studying, but trying to prove a preconceived idea. This sort of studying causes biased outcomes. Psychology has its base in generalities and forgets the individual. The findings are based on flawed data that cannot possibly be pure. Every individual is different and reacts differently when faced with certain situations. However, psychology seeks to generalize and destroy individuality.

However, psychology without condescension can help society by showing us practical ways of dealing with people.

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ssun said...

I kind of agree with you-
psychology sometimes tend to generalize people and categorize individuals. I mean there is no exact answer
like math problems.