Sunday, February 28, 2010

Blame is socially contagious

People might have experienced of being blamed in their childhood. I think this is not only for younger people, but it is also the most and common problem in our society these days. I also had frequently suffered by being backbit since middle school. It was mostly occurred because only one of my classmates did not like me and incited other friends by talking ill of me. Since I was young, I was too sensitive to criticism of any kind. Therefore, this article was attractive for me.

The researchers at USC Marshall School of Business and Stanford University announced that blaming someone has influence on others, even people who are innocent. According to their four different experiments, some newspaper articles about blaming someone even contagiously tends to increase or begin to have the habit of blaming others.

This article somewhat answered on my curiosity. Every time I have experienced this, I could not understand how my friends turned away from me only because one of my classmates blame me for a problem; even that is actually not serious problem. Nathanael J. Fast, a professor at USC Marshall School of Business, explained that people think their egos are attacked when they observe someone blame someone else. Therefore, in order to defense their egos, they instinctively begin to blame others.

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