Monday, February 1, 2010

Caucasians and Asians

I found this article from Science Daily News, Among many other articles, I was very interesting and highly agreed when I was reading this articled. I think it is because I have experienced many happenings due to the differences between Caucasians and Asians. Also, I thought most Asians at Pratt might have similar problems as I have had since beginning of the Pratt life. I already knew that most people have difficulties on recognizing “someone of another ethnic group.” However, it was very interesting that “Caucasians study the triangle of the eyes and mouth, while Asians focus on the nose.” Moreover, I always questioned myself why I always suffer from similar problems with my roommates, who were mostly Caucasians. According to their second experiment, it was because “Asians mostly focused on the eyes and not enough on the mouth, which meant some emotions were wrongly identified.” I think this article helps me to gratify my curiosity.

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