Monday, February 1, 2010

Pets Offer Therapeutic Benefit

Human and animals seem to have strong relationships. There are a lot of people who have pets and we've been lived together since early times. This article tells how tightly pets and human bonded and the way they benefit us from stresses, depressions, and negativities of different situation. The value of human-animal bond seems to be the same process of how people treat each other, 'give and take'. I've always thought having pet benefits us, and they could always be friends, family and reliance with unconditional love. They comfort us and it works as great therapy. 
I thought this article might be interesting to someone who have or love animals.  


alexa said...

Dogs, cats and other animals can be true miracle workers. There's a long list of medical proof and documented history showing their therapeutic benefits to people. Just having a pet around reduces stress and, thus, the likelihood of disease. Dogs keep their owners on the move. Animals can help children learn responsibility. They are sometimes better than therapists for certain mental and physical problems. Reactions are generally positive. Old people who normally sit silent in front of the television can suddenly become much more communicative when an animal is around because they experience that a living being is approaching them without reservation, enjoys their attention, and makes them happy in return. When visiting my grandmother, we often bring one of our small dogs to lift her spirits, and it helps tremendously. She instantly becomes happier and her face lights up with excitement. I feel as though these visits help with her growing age, keeping her young at heart. People with pets bounce back faster from illnesses because animals, especially dogs, are helpful in motivating and mobilizing sick people. Simply taking a dog on a walk helps lower blood pressure and cholesterol. Even just petting an animal - or enjoying its presence - can help lower pulse rate and blood pressure. Whether a dog, cat, or guinea pig, all help people to feel less alone. They make up for human contact. Pet ownership can also improve interaction between humans by giving people something to talk about. By just being around, animals reduce the likelihood of people fighting. This being true, more people should benefit from the therapeutic nature of pets. After reading this article, I am going to take advantage of the fact that I have 3 dogs who will bring me joy and comfort when feeling down. Just the idea of something as simple as petting a dog reducing stress is incredible, what more could you ask for?

stephb288 said...

I strongly agree with this article. Animals do help people feel better in times of stress, depression and other mental or physical problems. You can have a strong bond with a pet and never worry about them hurting you like another human can. Pets, such as dogs, are very intelligent and can tell when you are hurting or upset. A friend of mine has a lot emotional problems and her therapist suggested she get a pet. Though only a hamster, it took her mind off her other problems and made her feel a lot better having something to care for. Also, my neighbor has a dog that was trained to be a therapy dog. She brings her dog to nursing homes and the people love him. They look forward to the day that she brings him in. Their lives may not be exciting, but this dog always cheers them up and takes their mind off of other things, only if for a short amount of time. Other examples of this are service dogs and seeing eye dogs. A girl I used to know was handicapped in a wheelchair at all times. She had a service dog that was with her at all times. She would show us tricks that he can do such as when she dropped her phone he would pick it up with his mouth and give it to her. I can't even imagine how strongly her bond with him is. She would be completely lost without him. Another thing I found interesting in this article was how women won't leave abusive partners because of their threat to hurt their pet. I have never heard of this before. It's scary to think this actually happens, but if I were in the situation I would never do anything that can cause harm to my pet.