Monday, February 22, 2010

Sleep Affects Even the Worse of Personalities : Sleep and Bipolar Disorder

This article talks about how regular sleeping patterns as well as regular routine pratices may provide relief for those with bipolar disease. Bipolar disorder is a psychiatric disgnosis that deals with a series of mood disorders defines by the presence of one or more episodes of abnormally elevated mood. This can create mixed moods or chronic depression and in extreme cases, phychotic symptoms and hallucinations.Ellen Frank, PH.D conducted a 2.5 year study with 175 adults in the case of how sleeping may affect the disorder. He found out that this behavioral therapy help much more than those who solely depended on pills and medication.

This makes sense since sleep have benefical effects on the neorigical part of our bodies. However, many adults may be more likely to have more stress levels than of those in their adolensent years due to mor responsibilities. I believe that if more adults are encourage to relax and have more of a regular flow, even those without this disorder,that it would be benifical to how they react to everyday situations. Their personalities would be shown more of a relaxed state. If you dont believe me, observe and see for yourself how one's actions are affected by sleep.

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stephb288 said...

I agree that a regular sleeping pattern can help bipolar disorder among many other behavioral disorders. Lack of sleep or an unhealthy sleeping pattern causes your mood to change drastically, causing your regular behavior to change and effect you in negative ways. I have suffered with insomnia for most of my life. I am constantly exhausted which can cause me to be unhappy for no reason at all. It effects my daily routine among many other things. It is unhealthy mentally and physically. If I were to be able to have the normal amount of sleep, i know my real personality would be more persistent. I have been told by many doctors to go to a sleep clinic or sleep therapy.