Monday, February 8, 2010

Social Psychology Experiment

So I found this video on youtube that records a small experiment that took place at Mississippi State University. The experiment consists of two identical doors, right next to each other on the same exact building. One of the doors has a sign that says "Men Only" and the other one has a sign on it that reads "Women Only." The video records female and male students as they approach the two doors and their reactions and responses. I found this quite funny to watch actually because it just shows how brainwashed we all are into following certain instructions. Even though the two doors were literally a foot apart from each other and led in and out of the exact same place, men and women still felt the need to walk through their designated door, even if it meant crossing paths or pausing at one door until they realized they were not supposed to use that door and then proceeded to the proper door. Even though it made absolutely no difference what door these people used, they still felt the need to abide by what the sign told them. They didn't even know who had posted the signs or who these directions came from, but nevertheless still abided accordingly. I think this experiment not only comments on social elements, but also gender ones. But the main point of this experiment reinforces the purpose of the experiment we watched in class. If we are willing to take simple orders from someone (perhaps someone we are not even acquainted with) what could happen when a government makes inappropriate orders and commands. Will the majority of people follow government orders, or any order from a large group of powerful individuals, no matter what it may be? It's scary to think about, but it has happened plenty of times and still happens today. Do people ever really think for themselves, regardless of what the masses say? Or are we all bound to follow in others' footsteps? 

Emily Yolleck

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