Sunday, March 7, 2010

Capgras sydrome

After we watched Dr.Ramachandran's video, I started to think about the brain works. It was scientific mysteries, the marvelous brain system. He seems to spend a lot of time studying not only neuroscience, but also the mind, relates to neuropsychology. I was concerned about how do we see people and identify them. Among his case studies, 'Capgras syndrome' is a phenomenon that the patient does not recognize their families or friends. They think the person close to them has been replaced by double. How could this happen? According to Ramachandran, the causes of capgras delusion have two reasons. First, it could be the result of damaged visual and emotional recognition in human brain. In this case, the 'neuro-anatomical routes are not responsible for appropriate emotional reactions to familiar visual stimuli'. Second, could be a result of an oedipus/electra complex, the sexual desire and jealousy for one parents. Due to damaged brain, their repressed sexual desire towards parents or friends were expressed. Brain keep sending the message that they are not your parents in delusions. Important thing is that the brain made a sensible judgment in particular situations, in both cases. 

From the film, Ramachandran's patient couldn't recognize his mom visually but recognized her by phone. which shows he has ability to identify faces by other sense, hearing voice. However, maybe we should not trust what we see and listen. That's the information of what brain remapped. our brain is logical and smart than what we've thought about. 

this is the website which has more cases- conditions caused by brain damage, and information about visual recognition, like motion blindness.

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