Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hemispheric Dominance Inventory

We all process information differently, using the left or right side of the brain more dominantly depending on certain characteristics in how we either regurgitate the information or how we perceive it. Middle Tennessee State University has come up with a test that will help determine which hemisphere is more dominant.

Linear vs. Holistic Processing. The left side of the brain processes the information gathering moments and stitching them together, or what we would refer to as linear thinking. The right side processes from whole to part, taking the concept and then able to break out the key concepts and points.

Logical vs Intuitive. The left brain processing is logical, defined by the linear and sequential orders. While the right brain processing information according to coherence and meaning. More of how you feel rather than logical attributes.

Sequential vs. Random Processing. The left side processes in a sequential order, making lists and spelling essential to the task at hand. The right brained person would have a chaotic way of processing, not able to sit and prioritize work or finish it due to moving on prematurely.

Symbolic vs. Concrete Processing. The left brained person has no trouble with processing symbols, usually associated with letters, words and mathematical notations. The right brained person desires things to be concrete, meaning that seeing the words or how the formula works in context is key.

Verbal vs. Nonverbal Processing. Left brained people have trouble expressing themselves in words, while right brained people can express themselves but have a hard time finding the right words to describe it.

Reality-Based vs. Fantasy-Oriented Processing. The left hemisphere deals with reality, adjusting to the environment and following rules strictly, while a right brain dominant person that would abandon the rules of the environment and implement their own.

The differences in the left and right brain seem to be juristically different, almost opposites. It is ironic that most classrooms employ left brained techniques into their classes. As an art student going to art school I would expect that most students are right brained. The artist style of chaotic living and running around on a schedule with multiple things to do, seem like it would dominantly be right brained. Do Pratt’s instructors keep this in mind when putting together a syllabus? This article not only states the distinguishing factors from a right brain person and left but also gives suggestion on what to do to be a successful student with each side dominance.

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