Monday, March 29, 2010

Movies can raise or lower hormone levels

I found this article on movies causing one's hormones to raise or lower very interesting. Studies have shown that based on various studies and research, different types of movies, such as a romanic movie vs a horror movie can dramatically alter your hormone levels. Watching romantic movie is more likely to bring two+ people together because it boosts progesterone levels more than 10%. The University of Michigan preformed a test among 3 different groups to prove this theory. Each group watched a different scene from a movie and had their hormone levels tested before and after watching the clips from the movie. Hormones in your body are responded while watching different types of movies which explains why people tend to like different types of movies. "Affiliation-motivated people like to see romantic flicks. But power-motivated people prefer movies with more action and violence." Researchers suggest a fun way to get a feel for a person's personality is to ask what kinds of movies they like!

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