Monday, April 12, 2010


This article talks about Dyslexia, which means "difficulty with words". Dylsexia is a disorder that involves difficulty learning from reading words, numbers and symbols. Most people that are affected by Dyslexia are still extremely intelligent through visual things. They are deep thinkers and very creative, but because they only think in pictures, he have a hard time with written things. This article explains that people suffering from this disease "process information in a different area of the brain". These people develop strange ways of reading and writing by doing them backwards. They can also have trouble speaking as well. I feel that although dyslexia is a disorder and can make learning very difficult for people, it just makes the person different and stronger in different ways. They may not think that they are unusual or suffering. There are plenty of people who have trouble learning or understanding things visually have no problem reading and writing, but there is no "disorder" for that. Dyslexic people.

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Jiji said...

This article was particularly interesting to me, because I recently had a conversation with a lawyer about how lawyers are 'linear' thinkers, while artists are 'circular' thinkers. I think those metaphors are legitimate. I guess dyslexia is a slightly more extreme case of circular thinking, so much so that it affects one's ability to do some minimal amount of linguistic processing. This is only a problem, because humans live in societies, and language is an important tool to communicate with others. However, the fact that someone is linguistically impaired does not mean they can't be brilliant. I think each individual has a different balance of this 'circular' and 'linear' thinking. The author refers to 'linear' thinking as sequential system and 'circular' as visual or holistic system. I agree that when making pictures, one must be more aware of the whole, rather than the sequential steps. That is partly what attracted me to study fine arts.