Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Gene for Anorexia?

This article talks about a new research that suggests that anorexia, a psychological disorder, may also have a genetic counter part responsible for the disorder. While rake-thin models, images in the media, low self-esteem, etc. were thought to be triggers for a psychological disorder, researchers now claim that genetics may play a part. Researchers have found that anorexia can run in families. They also believe that there may be a link between anorexia and a lack of a substance know as AgRP (Agouti Related Protein). 

After reading the article, the evidence and research seems to be undeveloped at this stage. Perhaps there is a gene that triggers anorexia. If so, then this “opens a door for future treatment with medication." I think this could be a good thing. A psychological disorder can be very difficult to treat, but if there is medication, it can become easier. This is not to say that medicine solves everything. But perhaps it could be very beneficial in helping people get over such an intense disorder. 

However, as mentioned before, the evidence doesn’t seem to all be there.

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