Sunday, April 25, 2010

More Students - with more serious psychological issues - are showing up at campus counseling centers

This article describes the significance of the latest data study of students who visit campus counseling centers. Between 2008 and 2009, more than one out of ten students visited the college counseling centers for help. This is the highest proportion ever. Additionally, more and more of these students are being diagnosed with more serious psychological issues. According to the author's analysis, there are few possible causes for this. One speculation is that the recent widespread psychiatric medications have allowed more kids with problems to attend college. Others suggest that these figures could also result from a number of factors such as early exposure to drugs, alcohol and sex, or even overprotective parents. I personally don't think college kids are more depressed now than they were five years ago, but I believe the awareness about metal illnesses are definitely growing, and, along with it, the desire to do something about it. So instead of fretting over the growing statistics, I wish to interpret it more positively. Unless we create an environment where an insecure individual feels comfortable enough to seek counseling, we may not even be able recognize that they need help.

-Yeji Lee

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