Thursday, April 15, 2010

Stress Management

For this week’s topic, psychological treatment, I chose to blog about an article I found about stress management. I know that I am usually always stressed out and find it extremely hard to relax. Also, I thought this article might prove especially helpful right now being that finals are approaching rapidly and it seems that everyone is starting to freak out. 

The article talks about how to go about managing your everyday stress. First, it recommends identifying the sources of stress in your life. Second, you should try and realize how you are currently dealing with your stress. You may be coping with your stress in unhealthy ways. If so, you should recognize this and correct how you deal with stress based on the four A’s (avoid the stressor, alter the stressor, adapt to the stressor, or accept the stressor.) There are six different stress management strategies that the article discusses which you can read about. 

While some of these strategies that the article talks about may seem second nature, I think the article is a good thing to read, especially at this time, just to remind yourself to relax and see all the different relaxation strategies. Maybe some people will find this useful.

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Yoon said...

this article was a good example of how to treat our selves in a way of managing and controlling our stresses. we always say 'mind contol', but it is very hard. I always have had experiences. even we try to think release the stress, try to avoid thinking about the issues we get stresses, we can't run away from it. since it comes from the environments where we live, people and the relationship we faced to, seems extremly hard. In my case, 'learn how to say no' was applied in my life. I always think further and more than my limits. Then it turned to be the "stress". 'stress management strategy 5- make time for fun and relaxation' tells us the ways to feel free and relaxed.
I've checked it for my self and there were few I did it for my self in common; such as go for a walk, listen to music, spend some time in nature and get massage. these activities are very helpful! it gives me a fresh air and fresh
But on the other hand, somehow the stresss is needed to keep us in a daily routine. because once we have stresses, we'd like to keep it in mind and be more concerned.