Monday, April 19, 2010

Thinking and Driving.

People say that younger drivers tend to be worse and yes it can be somewhat attributed to lack of experience but a study was conducted to see if there was any correlation between a person's ability to drive against a high level of mental use. It was found that there is a negative correlation between the two; when subjects were given math equations or an emotionally charged subject that their pupils would stare at a fixed location for longer than normal and glance at their side mirrors less. Therefore would take less notice of their surroundings. It is an interesting experiment with interesting conclusions but it makes me wonder how it would be possible for the law enforcements to keep thinking drivers off the road? Since drunk drivers are a hazard to the road, one would think that if more extensive research was done and the conclusions found in this experiment were prove true, the government would have to come up with some way to regulate this issue. This article was really interesting because there has been one too many discussions between myself and friends about my driving abilities; the overall consensus is that I am a good but at times can be a scary driver. I will admit that when I am behind the wheel, there are almost always several things going on through my head. It's something I can't control. I myself enjoy going for long drives when I want alone time to just think but perhaps it's not the best idea to be thinking and driving.

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