Sunday, April 11, 2010

What we remember and don't remember

I came across this article about the process of remembering and how it influences what learners will and will not remember in the future and realized how it relates to almost everyone. This article talks about how learners only retrieve certain information from memory but also forgets any related information that they were not asked to recall. Instructors used this process called "retrieval-induced forgetting" to teach information’s that can often be missed when studying and uses this process by giving tests often to see if they studied unimportant information as well.

I can very much relate to this because very often some of our professors will give an unannounced test to see if we are keeping up with the program and also when I studied really hard for some of the test/exams (or at least I thought I did), there were many questions on the tests that did not relate to what I had already retained. I think our brains are functioned so that we intake important memories or only the things that we want to remember because they are experiences that are more interesting to our brains. We often leave out the unimportant details because we feel that they are unimportant, but I think almost everyone can relate to that.

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