Monday, January 30, 2012

Psychology Websites (Good Ones and Not So Good Ones)

5 Good Ones:
Social Psychology Network
Ameoba Web
Mental Health America
National Institute of Mental Health
Mental Health. Net

Good web sties are generally held from organizations, or educational institutes.
These websites are either on of them. Their information are legit and the websites are well organized and designed. These websites navigate you to professional helps.  Some websites let you ask questions and they will answer them. These websites are serving the public rather than a doctor or company advertising or selling his products. 

5 Not So Good Ones:
All About Psychology
Psych Web
Kent's Site
The Happiness Institute
The Science of Psychology

These not so good websites are not organized, and they take a lot of information from other websites. Some are just simply commercial websites that pretend to talk about psychology.

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