Sunday, January 29, 2012

Appropriate Environmental Signs

Both signs are located at my job. The first sign is placed in the employee's bathroom and the other in our shuttle bus.

The employee bathroom is a one person toilet and more often than not fellow co-workers have left the lights on either by mistake or for the next person to shut off. Having the message in both Spanish and English (considering most of our employees speak one or the other) is an effort to persuade everyone to be conscious of saving electricity. The sign comes of as a reflection of sorts instead of a demand which is usually the case with the other sign.

The second sign is targeted toward the clients that use the shuttle bus whom often leave stains or garbage in the van. Although it's to ensure that items can be recycled and taken to appropriate containers. Despite the attempt at politeness, the use of "please" and "thank you" doesn't stop the sign from coming off as demanding due to the capitalization of the entire message. Not to mention the obvious misspelling of the sign which gives an entirely different message to the client.

Personally when I first encountered the first sign I was a little curious as to why it was placed there given the fact that I always made sure the lights were turned off whenever I left the bathroom. I was surprised to find many of my co-workers left the lights on in the bathroom. As for the second sign, I found it amusing and quickly had it replaced with a different sign that was not only correct but also lacked the capitalization that the one above had.

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