Friday, January 27, 2012

Environmental signs

The first sign is an example of a not so successful sign trying to change human behavior for the sake of the environment. The first thing you notice is the very bizarre illustration of a litter bug. It’s very distracting and hideous. The illustration makes it hard for one to take the sign seriously. Unlike the second sign, it's also commanding one to do something. Personally, when someone demands something of me, it makes me want to help out less. The second sign is saying the same thing, but in a much nicer way. It is also telling the audience the reward for not littering: maintaing a clean community. According to the reading, “we are motivated to defend our identities and maintain them as positive sources of self-esteem” and by not littering, one will probably feel good about themselves. The image on the sign is also very simple and easy to understand. However, I am curious of how children would respond to the first sign. It almost looks as if the litter bug was an illustration from a children's book. Maybe the sign would be more effective towards children. Even tough it is not a good sign, it does grab one's attention. When I first saw the sign, I did stop to look at it because it was very different from street signs I usually see, but it didn't really make me stop and think about not littering. 

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