Tuesday, January 31, 2012

:) Good websites
The first two websites provide basic information about psychology. They are packed with informational terms and text book knowledge. The next two websites seem like reliable sites I would consider if I were seeking help. The websites seem established with access to educated psychiatrist. The last website is a specific article that I found interested. It's about how color in web design affects its viewers.

:( Bad Websites

I might be judging these websites on looks but I found they were unorganized and difficult to navigate. I left that they didn't provide enough information and just left me confused and frustrated. Yes, the last link is by New York magazine, which I'm a huge fan of and will eat at any place they write up, but I feel it's different when it comes to doctors. What make these these psychologist/ doctors the best? Just how much money did they cough up to get on this "top 100 list?"...???

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