Monday, January 30, 2012

Psychology Websites

5 Best: 

This site is copyrighted by WGBH Educational Foundation and has many different sections that cover various aspects of psychology. 

This is a site designed by a man who has a degree in psychology and lectures at a university. His website has a variety of useful and accessible information for the average person. 

This site gives information about psychologists. It defines the term and what they do and gives a real in-depth look to what a psychologist is and what they do. It is a government website so the information can be trusted. 

This is a website that has been referenced to in many different magazines and newspapers and has even been recognized as one of the 50 best websites of 2008 by It has quizzes and information about psychology and ways to do more research and to get help. 

This website is a search engine that can quickly get you a simple definition of a psychology term that you are looking for and can be quite useful.

5 Worst: 
The design of this website in general is lacking and looks as if it is untrustworthy. The information provided is lacking and does not do much to further enhance one's knowledge and understanding of psychology. 

While the owner of this website may be a licensed psychologist, the website has been designed poorly and is hard to navigate. The site is mainly made up of links that take you to a variety of other websites and fails to provide any substantial information. 

This website gives very little information on psychology and the descriptions for the few things it does talk about are so short and useless to any greater understanding. 

While this website defines different types of psychology, there is no information on who this information is being provided by and whether or not the site is from a trusted a reputable source. 

This is another example of a poorly designed website that looks anything but official and the information provided is by a single person who, while they have information listed about who they are, does not seem to have any degree in psychology at all. 

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