Monday, January 30, 2012

Signs on Environment

In both of these signs, there is attempt at creating a better living environment in the dorms. In my opinions the second sign is much more effective than the first. The first sign tries to get people to smoke outside because it is New York state law while using a meme to make it more eye-catching and perhaps relatable. While it may be eye catching, by turning it into a meme it seems to lose the seriousness of the message. The second sign is a bright pink color which stands out among other white signs. The large bolded and all capitalized words of the message "Cad is bad" grab your attention and get you to read the sign which gives an explanation of what cad is and what the consequences of it are. The consequence being a fine.  I believe this sign to be more effective because of the clearly stated consequence. Unlike the first sign that just said it was against New York state law and failed to say what exactly would happen if you were to be caught, the second sign states clearly that there will be a fine, and no one wants to lose their money.

Susan D. Clayton talks in her article Conservation Psychology that “some people will be more vulnerable to threats, while others will be better able to cope.” This relates to these signs because they take place in a college dorm. Everyone is paying a substantial amount of money to attend the college. While others are better off and do not have as many financial worries, there are those who every penny counts. The threat of having to pay money will affect those people more than the ones who are financially better off. 

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