Sunday, January 29, 2012

wash your hands_sign

           The “Wash Your Hands” are easily seen in public restrooms, especially a restroom that belongs inside a store that is related to food or that requires an extra sanitation. The next two images of the sign that says comparable messages not only shares similarities but also level of difference in which one is of a better communicating sign.
           The first image is a green sign with a profile view of a hand and a faucet with liquid substance coming out of it; however to the audience it may not be obvious that it is a sign that says to wash your hand after using the bathroom, in fact this can be located anywhere else and mean something else. In order to improve this sign, it can be more detailed with wordings and descriptions that make it significant enough and eye-catching.
           The second image is of consecutive images of how to properly wash your hands. This sign is more effective in ways that the sign has wordings and also the order of the procedure numbered right next to the related image so that it can be easily followed. The descriptions of the texts next to the images are detailed where it even tells how long to lather, scrub, and to rinse; it also mentions at the end of the diagram, to not forget to wash the followings: between your fingers, under your nail, the tops of your hands. This amount of detail is helpful for the user to fully understand the message that the sign is giving.

Kee (Khloe)Y. Chung

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