Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Fundamental Attribution Error is about internal and external behavior. Many studies have been done on it and over the years research and support has grown, but there are also those who are more skeptic towards it. While many others have written articles looking back on past experiments and applied the Fundamental Attribution Error, Steven Fein believes that while the research they completed brings up important concerns, but that they may have gone too far and they lack a complete understanding of bias. Fein goes on to say that, “(a) that so many of our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are influenced by situational factors and (b) that people tend to fail to appreciate Point A. Because of the ambiguities of attributing causality to one or the other
kind of factor, Sabini et al. suggest that this fundamental pair of points is fundamentally flawed.” It is important to be suspicious of any theory or way of thinking that comes about and to form your own opinions and do your own research of its credibility. While some factors have merit, others may not always and this article does a thorough job of judging the Fundamental Affirmation Theory while not entirely putting it down.

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