Monday, February 13, 2012

Psychology Websites Part 2

Good Websites:
This website is a psychology blog written by UCLA psychology doctorial students. The authors categorize their posts, write their opinions and thoughts about psychological researchs in a comprehensible way, and credit their sources.
The author of this blog is a media psychologist Dr. Pamela Rutledge, and she writes about the psychology of social media, transmedia experience and emerging technologies in her own words.
This website has a lot of interesting posts about psychology topics written by a psychology student, Warren Davies.
A clinical child psychologist and researcher, Nestor Lopez-Duran, PhD., writes reviews of scientific findings on child psychology, parenting, and childhood disorders in this website.
The writer/editor of this blog is a psychologist, Christian Jarrett, and this blog provides his original and authoritative reports on the latest psychology research papers.

Bad Websites:
This website has some useful links to psychology information, but also has a lot of crappy links, too.
The posts in this website, which are links to other blogs, are good, but the website itself is a mere search engine.

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