Monday, February 13, 2012

Websites (Painfully Specific Edition!)

Run by David Eagleman, a PhD at the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, TX. The website is specific to Eagleman's psych lab, and concerns itself mostly with perception. An offshoot is, a resource for individuals with synesthesia, and also the home of the Synesthesia Battery Test.

O heck yes. This exists. It's an extensive and reliable website about the human olfactory function and its importance to psychology. Though technically run by a dreaded "nonprofit," Sense of Smell redirects to a collection of relevant articles and studies from qualified publications

I bet you can't guess what this one's about. Hint: there's a clue in the URL. Anyway, a resource for info about schizophrenia, containing links to news articles, psychological studies, and firsthand experiences. It is also the home of several active international forums.

Old. One single page. Black text, white background. Yet, somehow a real comprehensive description about a controversial experiment in which a doctor conditioned a baby to be afraid of white soft things by training him to associate them with the sound of a hammer clanging on a metal rod. It seems to be from a credible institution (Sweet Briar College), but lord knows why it still looks like this. 

Hey look! It's the personal website of renowned neurologist and author of books such as "The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat." Contains a whole archive of informative videos and info about Sacks's work.  

The ads explode out of this page and punch you in the mind until there's nothing left of your perception but crumbly, half-browned brainburger. Aside from that, this website promotes all sorts of "natural?" alternatives and explanations.

This isn't so much a page about the true inner workings of a cat's mind, but rather a roundabout way to present criteria for an informal "Should I Stop Petting This Cat?" Test.

More "natural" psychotherapy fun. This one's got drugs for sale, though. Natural drugs. 

More ads! Ads everywhere! Also, rather inclined to generalize and stay shallow, offering the sorts of conclusions that you could get from anyperson, or possibly even conjure on your very own.

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