Sunday, March 4, 2012

Personality Theories

Personality Theory suggests that we are all born with some of the characteristic but mainly we learn our personality from interaction, environment and how other people response to our behaviors. There is no one theory that really explain how personality develops. Professor Maddi suggests that the importance to study personality is to understand the differences of people, since we all tend to think that everyone is the same.

Sigmund Freud dealt with lots of disturb patients who seem to have similar sexual abused backgrounds. Sigmund's theory stands out because he included look at personality development with functions such as sexual development in childhood stages. In Freud's theory, mother and father are key elements shaping a child's personality. This video talks about Nelson Mandela's life (president of South Africa from 1994 to 1999) and more about Sigmund's theory.

Sigmund's theory is pessimistic and suggesting that human's are born selfish, original sin, and can not give it up because of biology. Until Humanism comes in later, Sigmund's theory remained strongest.

Humanism suggest that parenthood can change a child's self worth and positive regards can enhance a child's positive personality.

Social Cognivism focuses on behaviorism and that environment shapes and control a person's behavior. Observation is also a key for learning in Social Cognivism. Self-effecy let us to plan the future and making differences for self goals.

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