Monday, March 5, 2012


           There are great varieties of personalities and different traits among people around the world. Personalities differentiate one from another and give the individuals each of their own unique traits. Although traits, characteristics, and personalities may be genetic, but people’s personalities can also change through experiences and situations. Also often the personality tests can tell with group of the personalities one fall into and what occupancy would be most appropriate for the certain individual’s personality.
           In 1990, J.M. Digman proposed the idea of “The Big Five Personality Theory.” Based from the researches by J.M. Digman, there is openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism. Openness is usually the people who are opened to new concepts, welcoming and adventurous. These people are also usually very imaginative and creative as well as having a very curious mind. Conscientiousness is a characteristic that defines as a person with a very organized and scrappy personality. These people are also very responsible of their tasks and prompt with their works. The third personality is extraversion. People who has extraversion traits are talkative, active and energetic that others around them. These people enjoy the company of others and are very sociable. Another personality is people who are agreeable. These people are very friendly, easy to work with, and kind. Agreeable people tend to be sympathetic and sensitive. Lastly, people with neuroticism personality; people with neurotic characteristic are hard to work with because they are emotionally negative, sensitive, and narrow-minded.

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