Monday, March 5, 2012

Personality Traits: Psychopaths

I came across a podcast from NPR (National Public Radio) that talks about a specific type of personality, a psychopath. The follow conducts of an interview with a number of doctors that discuss what personality traits determine a psychopath. As many other people have stated a persons personality is molded by their, childhood, environment, and past experiences. While keeping these principals in mind, they run test and interview the prisoner to compare him among other prisoners. They are able to conclude that “psychopaths are essentially emotionally deaf, simply do not have the capacity to feel, in a firsthand way, emotions like empathy, remorse and love.” Dr. Hare was able to determine this by assigning specific traits to what a psychopath consist of. Psychologist, Dr. Steve Hart states “Here we are using a diagnosis of personality disorder to predict criminal behavior, and it's working.”

I’ve posted the link below that could be listened to or read. 

- Lia Brannning-Chen

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