Monday, April 9, 2012

Aspergers Syndrome

Article: Aspergers Syndrome A Tough Fight For Autistic

Aspergers Syndrome is said to be one of the highest functioning forms of Autism. From reading the above article and watching the accompanying video, one can see strong evidence for this case. But, what's stronger evidence for me is personal experience. From about fourth grade up until my senior year in High School, one of my classmates had Aspergers Syndrome. I always knew he was kind of odd and awkward so when I eventually found out he had Aspergers, it all made sense. He was definitely smart. He was very artistic, very athletic, and ran track. But, his social skills just weren't there. He had trouble making friends so my group of friends and I kind of took him into our group for a while. It wasn't bad at all. Although, there were a few occasional hiccups. At one of my birthday parties, he threw a tantrum because he wanted to play a video game that no one else wanted to play. It was so bad that his dad had to come pick him up. That was the last birthday party I invited him to. Eventually, we drifted apart but we always remained friendly with each other. Over time I noticed a massive improvement in his social skills. He made tons of new friends and didn't freak out as much. It seemed as though he had reached a point in his life where he could enjoy what most of us take for granted- a "normal" social life. I think there is a lot of hope for those with Aspergers. More so if it's treated at a young age, but even still for those who are at an older age. The world has a way of working itself out.

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