Sunday, April 8, 2012


Genetic Research Reveals Pieces of the Autism Puzzle

The number of children with autism has increased over the past couple of decades, and so have efforts to find the causes behind it. Recently scientists have discovered new clues about genetic glitches that may contribute to the development of autism. Improved technology is helping us solve the puzzle of autism. Originally researchers were searching for a single gene that would cause this disorder, but now they believe it's much more likely there are multiple genetic mutations that put a child at risk. It is possible that approximately 1000 genes may be involved with the cause of autism. Studies are also showing that exomes (part of the genes that produce proteins) seem to play a role in a child's risk of developing autism. It is believed that autism could be because of spontaneous genetic mutations. Research also shoes that these spontaneous mutations seem to take place within a father's sperm. This supports previous research that there is an increased risk of a child developing autism if the father is older. There is still a lot of research to be done about autism, because so much of this disorder is still a mystery. With more research scientists will be able to hopefully be able to find out the cause and be able to help children with the disorder.

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