Monday, April 16, 2012

Capturing the Friedmans

I recently watched a film entitled Capturing the Friedmans.  What began as a documentary about clowns, took a sudden turn when the director soon discovered that one of his subjects has a past.  He does his research and realizes that this man is a member of a family that has been involved in a messy public scandal involving child pornography and alleged sexual assault. How does this relate to memory? Well as the film unfolds, we learn that many of the subjects ( both the accused and the alleged victims) have considerable gaps in recollecting what has happened.  Some of the kids are certain of what happened, while others claim that they dont remember anything happening when others are placing them at the scene of the crime.  Even the own son of the man who started it all, seems to be convinced that his father and brother are completely innocent, and that they are victims of public scrutiny and bad luck which landed them in jail.  It is hard to say whether or not these victims and family members are lying, denying, or simply can not remember due to some sort of repression.


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