Monday, April 9, 2012


             In this article there is an introduction that briefly talks about autism and the disadvantages of having such disability. It mentions that autism exists in the very first three years of person’s life. The causes of such disease are the neurological disorder that takes effect on the brain of a young child. Another name for autism is ASD also known as Autism Spectrum Disorder. Like said before, it is a malfunction of a normal brain that messes up the developmental skills and abilities.
             The affects of the disabilities are widely varied; no more than one person would have the same autism symptoms, however, generally known are having difficulties with social life and communications skills. The examples of having difficulties in a social life for the people with autism are: that they are socially clumsy and not exactly with the words when communicating with others. a person is who affected, their speech skills are affected as well. Often times they would not want to speak or have trouble with communication and comprehensions. Sometimes from time to time, a person with autism may not even recognize the person who is trying to communicate with them, simply such as eye contacts. It is a known fact that some people who suffer from a severe autism cannot even interact with people because of their lack of skill in communications.  This also goes to a physical contact or interactions as well. A person, who is suffering from autism, does not enjoy being touched.

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