Monday, May 7, 2012

Phantom Limbs and Video Games


A hacker named Benjamin Blundell has essentially created a new, high-tech version of the "mirror box" to potentially help those who suffer from Phantom Limb syndrome more effectively. His device utilizes the XBox "Kinect", virtual reality goggles, and some gyroscopes. What this device basically does is puts the user in a virtual room and gives the illusion that they have their missing limb again. What makes this more effective than the mirror box is that, as opposed to a reflection, this gives the virtual limb some independence. It's seemingly more realistic. This is really amazing that technology is advancing in such a way that this kind of thing could be possible. Everyone always says video games are bad for you, but look at the kind of good they can lead to! It's great to see young minds using what they have to help better those who need help.

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