Sunday, January 20, 2013

Why We Dream

The Article I chose to read gives a new theory as to why humans dream. Researchers did a very interesting test, where they figured out how to keep rats from dreaming, and then placed them into a field to see if the rats acted as they normally would; the rats did acted very differently. From the test, the scientists realized that the rats lost their ability to protect themselves. The scientists then gave the rats amphetamines. If the rats were acting differently just because of sleep deprivation, then the amphetamines would have made them act normally again. But the rats behavior didn't change. This caused the scientists to believe that dreams are like mini training sessions. Dreams allow us to practice behaviors that we may need in our waking life.

I thinks this theory is really interesting, but I don't know if I can necessarily believe it. I have always been fascinated by dreams, and whenever I remember any of my dreams I always make sure to look up the meaning of certain symbols within the dream. Of course there is no science to reading symbols in dreams. I am aware that when I am looking up the meaning of symbols,  the information I am finding is more someones guess than a fact. But I can't help but look back on the dreams that I actually do remember. I have reoccurring dreams about loosing teeth and not being in control of the car I am driving. Majority of the people writing about dreams have agreed that if you are dreaming about not being able to control a car that you are driving, it means you feel out of control of something in your waking life. Having these dreams does not help me control my car better when I am actually driving it. I have always felt like I was a safe and controlled driver. In my dreams I never get control of the car either, I usually wake up right before I am about to crash into something. So I don't think this dream is teaching me to take control of my life either.

Overall, this article was very interesting and definitely made some interesting points about dreaming.

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