Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Why You Buy

I found this article explaining the behavior of consumers and the influences that may affect their decision. It is interesting to see how many factors affect consumer decisions. How designers play the role of persuasion, whether it is the shape of the packaging, material, weight, or color, everything is designed to draw the consumer to the product. Furthermore, it is even more interesting that the consumer are not conscious of the details, yet are more attracted to a well-designed product.
The article describes consumers who are not conscious of the minute decisions by the designers of the product. Even if the product is superior to the other, consumers have come to draw more attention to the design aspect of the packaging. The article points out a few factors that may influence the decision of the consumer. The article compares warm colors to cool colors, packaging material, graphic composition, product weight, and the geometry of the packaging. As this article points out, our conscious decisions are not all that conscious after all.  


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