Monday, February 11, 2013

Chapter 2

I thought this chapter was really interesting because for once, they talked about other views other than Freud's. They talked about Carl Jung, and his different takes on the unconscious. Actually, Freud and Jung, who were very close friends at one point, had a fallout over the unconscious. They broke up their friendship because of a disagreement on the nature of the unconscious. Jung said that children of both sexes identify with the mother, that mothers treat the daughters as extensions of themselves. He also said that boys differ because they need to break away to find their masculinity. He also said because of this, men develop rigid boundaries between themselves and others, more than women do.

I found this interesting because Freud's theory made the females victims of their own bodies, while Jung made victims out of the males. I think that both aided in the development of modern psychology, but as stand-alone theories, are a bit of a reach and a bit unrealistic.

Of course, there are many holes in the psychodynamic theory, as there are with all of the theories, but I really found it interesting that the book took the time to explore other psychoanalysts' theories.

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