Sunday, February 24, 2013

Fundamental Attribution Error, is it just excuses?

After reading a couple different articles about FAE I came to a couple of conclusions. The main conclusion is that this "error" is all based on excuses. In most cases, I don't think the FAE really matters. All of the examples were just shallow problems that people get passes shortly anyways. Every article talked about things like a waitress having a bad day, getting cut off while driving on the road, roommates not doing dishes. In all these cases, the weight of the situation was weak.

In the last article I read, the author was talking about FAE in Nursing and how nurses will imply things about their patients even though they don't know the full story. I think this is an extreme problem.

The article gave 3 different examples of how FAE can effect a nurses work ethic. One example was about a nurse writing her patient of as needy, when really the patient feels like she is suffocating quite regularly. It is the job of the nurse to find out what is wrong with their patient and correct the problem. To assume a patient is just needy is malpractice.

In this case, I do see clearly why Fundamental Attribution is a severe error. It seems to me though that eben though FAE might lead to problems, in most cases its just a human flaw that shows how hypocritical most of us really are.

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