Monday, February 11, 2013

I am unsure if this constitutes "an article", but as an artist, at art school, I found it to be appropriate. Drawing Autism is a collection of artwork composed by autistic artists. Based upon our discussion in class last week, I was intrigued in how, despite a people that are unable to communicate normally, their art is creative and reads easily. For people that cannot communicate verbally or if they can, are bound by certain limitations, all of the artwork is effective in expressing an idea, whether its message is spread by the correlation between the images and the titles, or the image in itself. Some of these images, as specified, were even used as book covers because of their ability to generalize an idea. Also drawing from our discussion, autistic people also have a tendency to develop a strong interest, sometimes to the point of obsession. While all of the pieces posted are varying in styles, palettes, subject, and media, they all seem to be bound by an obsessive element. The majority of the artwork is not a single image, but contains other elements that seem to be repeated in a very similar action. Even the artwork that does focus on a single subject has a texture or background that is repetitive and obsessive. 

(Sorry if this article isn't applicable, but I found it to be as stimulating, considering, upon a brief analysis, that is a summary of our autism discussion last week)

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