Monday, March 18, 2013

Are Modern Parents Becoming Too Attached?

    The article that I raises the argument that parents in today's society are becoming unhealthily attached to their children.  The author makes over attachment sound like some sort of new craze.  Parents now think that it is healthy to constantly be with the child and constantly control their lives.  The author thinks that this creates a new class of parents that are fighting against millions of years of parenting.

    Attachment is a needed part of development for a child.  Separation is the second phase of development   The child must know that it has something dependable to trust (like a parent), so they begin to branch off and develop independently from their parents.  Independence cannot occur if a parent is still clinging onto their child.  The author thinks that overly attached parents will cause their children's individualism to be stunted, which will end up developing a generation that can't function on their own.

    I have to agree with the author.  Parents that cater and smother their children cause social issues for their children.  It leads to bratty behavior which develops into worse things in adulthood.  I always have to question parents breast feeding til age 5 and constantly being involved with a child's affairs.  Back in the old days, people had their parents, and then the parents sent their kids out to play.  The children would develop social skills and individual personality, while knowing that they had a home.  The older generation developed into a hardworking group that could function on their own and take risks.  Smothering a child with attachment will only kill their independence as an adult.

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