Monday, March 18, 2013

Attachment Theory and Relationships

In the article I read about the attachment theory, the author explains how a good relationship with a care giver can define the child's future relationships. Basically, if the child has a good relationship with their caregiver, that relationship becomes a model for all of the child's future relationships. I think this makes a lot of sense, considering the relationship a child has with his or her care giver should not only be the strongest relationship a child has, its also the initial relationship in that child's life, and usually first experiences with anything will in some way affect how future experiences will be.

Later in the article, Hoermann, the author of the article talks about the test about secure parent attachment and insecure parent attachment that we talked about in class. She goes on to say that a parent or caregivers understanding of the child also helps the child's ability to understand other people when they grow older. Basically everything about a child's bond with their care giver can affect the child's future interactions with everyone they meet.

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