Monday, March 25, 2013

Attachment theory

This article is about all emotion feeling and communication ability grew up with one and one's first caregiver. and this experiences determine how one communicate with other is future life. One who experienced confusing, frightening and broken emotinal communication during his or her infancy, he or she will have hard time understanding his or her emotion as well as others' And it result in unsuccessful relationship with people when they goes to society.

"Scientific study of the brain—and the role attachment plays in shaping it—has given us a new basis for understanding why vast numbers of people have great difficulty communicating with the most important individuals in their work and love lives. Once, we could only use guesswork to try and determine why important relationships never evolved, developed chronic problems, or fell apart. Now, thanks to new insights into brain development, we can understand what it takes to help build and nurture productive and meaningful relationships at home and at work."

This is interesting article to look at. But I do not agree with this idea because I personally believe that ability of communication or ability make good relationship with others are totally depand on experiences of meeting people not from I and my caregiver. Because I changed alot when i was in highschool with meeting different people. some people being nice but others do not nice. Once i experience my ability of making good relationship with others or ability communicate changes.

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