Monday, April 8, 2013

Drawing Autism

The book Drawing Autism shows a unique perspective by showcasing the artistry of individuals with autism. As a student of art education and teacher of Pratt Saturday.Art school for children, I’m particularly interested in the topic of special population such as autism. At my Saturday Art School teaching, I encountered three autistic students and one of them is on a more severe spectrum. Three types of specialized minds on the autistic spectrum. First there is the visual thinker who sees the world primarily in pictures like herself. The second type is the pattern thinker who see relationships between numbers and geometric forms. The third type is the word specialist. Grandin notes, "These people are often really good with words, and they usually are not interested in art." I think people of this third type are often recognizes as "Aspies," or people with Asperger's syndrome, which is now considered part of the autistic spectrum of disorders--a designation that has been met with much controversy.

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