Sunday, April 21, 2013

Myth: Africans Have Lower IQ's

This week, I read an article about an research that was published around 2006 that stated that low IQs is the reason life expectancy was lower in Africa than in other reasons, and not caused by poverty and disease. The person behind this research is Satoshi Kanazawa.

His beliefs were than accused of bringing back the idea of eugenics, which I agree with. Most of the article stated scientific fact that explained why Kanazawas conclusions were wrong.

Personally, I think its pretty simple. People living areas of poverty don't have the means to educate themselves on ways to take care of themselves. They don't have means of practicing good hygiene, and they don't very many resources to cure disease. This doesn't mean they have low IQ, it just means they were born into an unfortunate situation.

I thinks the answer to solving this poverty and low life expectancy wouldn't be to bring back practices used during the eugenics fad, it would be to either get these people into a more stable financial situation by raising money for education, medicines and anything else that could improve their quality of life.

I don't think Kanazawa is in support of eugenics, but I do understand how other scientists could see the relation between Kanazawas results and the eugenics movements since they are based on extremely similiar principles.

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