Wednesday, April 10, 2013

neuropsychology and Lowenfeld

Even though the five stages of Lowenfeld could be critisized as pseudo-psychology but I found it is still interesting to look at, and re-contemplate the theory at a viewpoint of neurophysiology.  There seems a clear pattern for the artistic development of children. Each stage demonstrates specific characteristics for an age range. Lowenfeld suggests to use the stages as a guide for educators. I remember myself at the age of five, I painted a human face as purple, and my elder sister asked me why. I answered her why not. It was the typical early figurative stage that use of color is more emotional than logical. I think the stages of Lowenfeld works in many cases, however there are some cultures that realism is not appreciated. I wonder the development of our brain is as what the article stated, but without a question Lowenfeld failed to look at many other aspects.

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